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Muhammad Sayed is a graphic and logo designer based in Egypt.

Starts graphic design from 8 years ago as an exploration hobby then transformed into a professional career.

I worked on multiple design paths” brand development, graphic, typography, user interface design” and seek continuous learning and development.

_ Experience
I have worked with multiple brands as a freelance designer.

_ Full time Experience
01. Promo Station from 2016 to 2017.
02. Mash Premiere from 2017 to 2022.
03. ADG Healthcare from 2022 until now.

I got a side experience in positions throughout my career, like Logistics Manager and Children’s Coach which gained me valuable skills like “business development, organization, self-awareness, crisis management, risk management, communication, adaptability, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Management and Creativity”

• Build an effective operation system for Memphis Tours.
• Make Successful trips with positive feedback at Memphis Tours.
• Winning FLL Competition with Qalb Kabeer.
• Arrange and manage several interactive events to merge parents with their kids with Qalb Kabeer.
• Create a niche value with parents to interact with their kids with Kids school.
• Successful programs with kids positive feedback at Kids school.
• Create Valuable concepts & designs that attract new consumers and get positive feedback from my colleagues for my concepts at Mash premiere.
• Managing and directing the design dep. while 2 yrs in a crisis time with Mash premiere.
• Help multiple brands to add advantages to their products with meaningful visuals.

I have a shop where selling my designs for personal possessions and decorations.

_ Contact
+2 01012203073

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Small and startups who want to ensure their on a right visual key and direction, it will totally free session.